The exploreUX blog is a site that discusses UX-related tools, trends, books, and best practices in user experience field.  This blog was created as a companion to the exploreUX Meetup.  However it’s also a complement to the Meetup for those who would love to participate in the in-person meetings, but can’t.  The blog is great for anyone curious about the UX field (maybe this is a career path you want to travel), those that dabble in it (e.g., a developer that makes wireframes), and current practitioners in the community.

If you would like to contribute to the blog or do a guest post, feel free to get in touch with us!

About exploreUX, the Meetup

exploreUX is a Meetup in Washington, D.C.  It’s an approachable sounding board for UX enthusiasts interested in discussing trends, challenges, and best practices about all aspects of user experience.  We meet in-person every other month to discuss a topic and network – and all in a laid back way.  Anyone is welcome to attend and we encourage you to get to know your local UX community, regardless of where you live.  exploreUX is organized by the User Experience Team at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing.  Learn more about and/or join the Meetup by going to the exploreUX Meetup page.

What is different about exploreUX from all the other Meetups?

exploreUX’s format is different from your traditional speaker/Q&A Meetup or your aggressive recruiter networking event.  We’re a Meetup for the people – our meetings facilitate active discussions among peers, lead hands-on activities, and really provide an opportunity for you to get to know your local UX community.


About the Authors

Michelle Chin

Michelle’s a UXer with a graphic design and quality assurance background. She thrives on bridging gaps whether it’s between people, concepts, or processes. Figuring out ways to make everyday issues more efficient, easier-to-use, and less stressful is a something she’s constantly doing. She believes persuasive design is the underlying component of UX design. Michelle holds a Master’s in Interaction Design and Information Architecture from the University of Baltimore and is the founder of exploreUX. Outside of work, she loves scuba diving, vintage scooters, and ska music.

Follow Michelle on Twitter: @soysaucechin | Website: michelletchin.net

Jess Hang

Jess is a UXer with a background in software engineering. She has experience working in all phases of the software lifecycle and has been doing UX activities her entire career (yes, even when she was a code monkey). Having this experience has made her realize that a great user experience requires collaboration and is responsibility of the entire team. Outside of the office, you can catch her outside, away from fluorescent lighting. She enjoys biking, traveling, and crafting.

Follow Jess on Twitter: @jess_hang | Website: jesshang.com