New Series: Tools ‘n’ Techniques – Call for Speakers!

Hello! exploreUX is kicking off a brand new series called Tools ‘n’ Techniques! We’ll be exploring how UX practitioners in our community are using the different tools and techniques in our line of work. We’re often working in different capacities and have iterated through our process for various activities. Everyone’s always curious to know how others are trying different tools or methods to streamline our process, communicate more effectively, and help understand our users better. This series will offer the opportunity for current practitioners to share various tools/techniques, which they find helpful.

The series will kick off with a round of lightning talks in mid-June!

What’s a tool or technique?

A tool can be anything from a software application to a plug-in to a spreadsheet template.  A technique or methodology is a way to accomplish a task and it’s based on specialized procedures (e.g., affinity mapping, card sorting, guerilla usability testing, etc.)

What’s the format?

We’ll have a guest speaker present a tool or technique and explain what it is, when to use it, why it works, and how to use it. We have three different formats for event evenings:

Quick Dip

6-8 speakers will each present a lightning talk. Lightning talks are 5-minute presentations with 20 slides that advance every 15 seconds. Depending on submissions, they may or may not be around a theme. Sounds intense, but it’s really fun!

Themed Night

2-3 speakers will each present 20-minute talk around a theme (e.g., Sketch plug-ins or User Research)

Deep Dive

1-2 speakers will each present a 20-30 minute talk around a tool/technique accompanied by an activity lab for you to try some of it out!

Who should present?

You! Everyone has something to offer whether they’re brand new or seasoned in the UX field, or even if they’re transitioning to UX or dabble in it. Chances are, you have something you can teach within a 5- or 20-minute talk. We’re looking for awesome people to present a tool or technique that they love because it makes their job easier; is fun to use; or it works well when working with coworkers, clients, or stakeholders.

How can I present?

Glad you asked! To submit a talk, please fill out this form. We’ll be hosting a lightning talk session on Thursday, June 22nd, 2017, so, if you’re interested in presenting a 5-minute talk, please submit by Friday, May 5th, 2017, 11pm EDT. Otherwise, we are accepting presentations on a rolling basis, so you can submit any time (and you’re welcome to submit more than one tool or technique!)

A Day in the Life Series – Raleigh

In March, exploreUX Raleigh edition will be kicking off a monthly event series called “A Day in the Life.” Each month we’ll meet and learn about a different UX role in the field. We’ll have guest speakers from our local community tell us what their day-to-day activities are like and then, if appropriate, we’ll try a small activity to get the feel for what someone in their role does. Roles we’ll be covering include:
  • Content strategist
  • Information architect
  • User researcher
  • Interaction designer
  • and more!
This series is great for entry-level folks, career transitioners, and anyone who’s curious about UX and roles in the profession. We’re hoping this series provides attendees with a better understanding of who’s involved in creating great user experiences, as well as expose people to a career path they might be interested in pursuing.
Keep in Touch
Check our meetup page for upcoming events. Additionally, if you have a role you’d like to learn about, let us know!
Call for Speakers
We’re looking for speakers to present at these events. If you’re interested in speaking, please reach out to Michelle.

exploreUX + 2016

This year, exploreUX is revving up our engines and we’re planning some exciting events for 2016 and we’ll be more active writing blog posts. We’re also in the process of reactivating our exploreUX DC edition. Stay tuned for future events and if there’s something you’d like to see for our events or blog posts, let us know!
The importance of exploreUX
In the process of starting exploreUX, I’ve really learned people are recognizing the importance of great user experiences and know that there are people behind the scenes that design them. How exactly a UX professional does this and how one becomes a UX professional is still a bit vague to many.
Start your own exploreUX
If you’re wishing you had something like exploreUX where you live, think about starting an exploreUX edition for your area. We love UX and we want to advocate for it wherever we can. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in organizing a local edition in your area, we’re happy to help provide guidance.
exploreUX DC
Wait, did you say you were starting the exploreUX DC edition again? Yes, I’m in the process of handing over hosting responsibilities for the DC edition to some friends of mine, so they can pick things back up. In my move to Raleigh, it was never my intention to end exploreUX in DC. There’s such a rich community of UXers in DC, that the meetup shouldn’t be falling to the wayside. Keep a look out for events happening this year.

Event: UX at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing

exploreUX, the Rock Creek UX Team, Chief, and General Assembly are teaming up to bring you an event: A Day in the Life: User Experience at Rock Creek Strategic Marketing. We’ll be talking about what being a UXer is like at Rock Creek – what we do, what we love, etc. and we’ll have a panel discussion where you can ask pretty much everything you wanted to know about being a UXer.

The event is Wednesday, 7/23 at 6pm, at  Chief (1900 M St. NW, red line Dupont Circle).  For more info and to register: