exploreUX + 2016

This year, exploreUX is revving up our engines and we’re planning some exciting events for 2016 and we’ll be more active writing blog posts. We’re also in the process of reactivating our exploreUX DC edition. Stay tuned for future events and if there’s something you’d like to see for our events or blog posts, let us know!
The importance of exploreUX
In the process of starting exploreUX, I’ve really learned people are recognizing the importance of great user experiences and know that there are people behind the scenes that design them. How exactly a UX professional does this and how one becomes a UX professional is still a bit vague to many.
Start your own exploreUX
If you’re wishing you had something like exploreUX where you live, think about starting an exploreUX edition for your area. We love UX and we want to advocate for it wherever we can. Feel free to contact us if you’re interested in organizing a local edition in your area, we’re happy to help provide guidance.
exploreUX DC
Wait, did you say you were starting the exploreUX DC edition again? Yes, I’m in the process of handing over hosting responsibilities for the DC edition to some friends of mine, so they can pick things back up. In my move to Raleigh, it was never my intention to end exploreUX in DC. There’s such a rich community of UXers in DC, that the meetup shouldn’t be falling to the wayside. Keep a look out for events happening this year.